Dental Reputation Management

Patients perform due diligence before they select your office. We focus on building your web presence only in places where it matters to dental practices.

Look good when patients search your brand

When was the last time you searched your practice on Google? What if someone searches your name or your practice’s name and finds defamatory content?

Today, more patients use Google search to perform due diligence before they select a dentist. DM improves your practice’s online reputation with our automated tools.

Prevent online reputation bombs

Conversion Whale helps build good reviews, so your dental practice is safe from bad reviews. By having more good reviews than bad, your dental practice’s online reputation will have higher positive review average.

Dental practices should be aware of two types of negative content:

  • Complaints on social networks: They need to be addressed properly, in a manner that seeks resolution and removal.
  • Bad online reviews: They affect your practice’s reputation in the long term and can severely damage your office’s brand within your community. They’re extremely powerful because, unlike social network content, they’re prominent in search engine results.

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