Are you too busy meeting with current patients to worry about attracting new ones? Keeping a full schedule is crucial for your success as a dentist, but can often leave you with little time or energy to consider the big picture moving forward. Here are five easy tips to ensure your practice stays growing when your schedule is packed tight.

1. Delegate. You might be the owner or the lead dentist in your practice, but that doesn’t mean you have to take on the responsibility of business growth alone. Train your team on how to identify every source from which you receive new patients. Track this new patient reporting and review it on a monthly basis so that you can adjust your strategies and budgeting with your ROI in mind.

2. Set a goal and stick to it. Even if you lack the time or the resources to personally manage your business growth, goal-setting is important. Start small! Can you and your team reach one new patient this week? As you build a foundation to work forward from, you can expand your reach over time and build momentum. Soon enough, you may find yourself launching past your goals with a consistent influx of new patients each month.

3. Implement a high-powered marketing campaign. Creating an effective, driven set of marketing strategies for your practice takes both time and expertise. Let us help, so you can get back to doing what you appreciate most as a dentist — delivering high-quality dental care to your community. We will listen to your needs and custom-build a marketing campaign that helps you achieve your unique goals as a dentist.

4. Bring in an expert. Are you curious how you can improve your practice’s systems and train your team, but are unsure where to start? It’s time to call in an expert. We can refer you to one of our trusted colleagues that will help you redefine your practice’s productivity and effectiveness from the inside out.

5. Stay motivated. It sounds simple, but remaining optimistic and forward-thinking is one of the most crucial ways for you to reach success for your practice. This applies to your entire team as well. Is morale slipping, or is everyone excited to grow together with achievable goals and the means to reach them? It’s your responsibility to create the atmosphere necessary for practice growth.

Don’t let a busy schedule cause your practice growth to plateau. Get started on a customized marketing campaign that can take your efforts to new heights, while affording you more time and energy to enjoy the success you’ve created.