Local Dental SEO

We rank terms that good dental patients search for within selected zip codes around your office. For example, when someone uses certain keywords to search for a service and the zip codes around your practice, our service ensures that your office will appear at the top of that search.

What makes our SEO different?

The key to any SEO program is identifying the terms that will result in new business. Our team knows what works in the dental marketing industry. Our data shows us what terms result in new patients and which ones don’t. When you work with Conversion Whale, your practice will be found online for Google searches that get new business.

Google safe dental SEO

Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, and unsafe SEO strategies can harm your practice in the long term. Therefore, we promote proven repeatable best practices for optimizing dental websites for searches that can help you drive targeted traffic without having to worry about being excluded from search results.

SEO Increases the Value of Your Practice

If you ever look to sell your practice, then consider a good SEO strategy. Dental practice websites are virtual real estate. When a prospective buyer performs her due diligence on your practice, she’ll value your digital exposure as an asset. Many factors can contribute to increasing its value, including the following:

  • Amount of traffic generated
  • Page rank
  • Search engine rankings
  • Link popularity
  • Social referral traffic

All of these factors fall in the realm of dental SEO.

If you are looking to obtain page ONE placement on Google, Yahoo & Bing for the Dental Clinic related keywords in your area – we can help but we only work with ONE company in each City SO call us at 800-600-4455 before your competitor does.