Email Marketing for Dentists

Affordable and Measurable Marketing Results

Email marketing is an affordable and highly effective way to provide your potential and current patients with valuable information they may not normally seek out on their own. It gives you, the dentist, more control over the conversation you would like to have with your prospect. You can send industry news, health tips, and even promotions. It’s a gentle way to communicate with your patients and help guide them right into your office.

The sheer volume of emails people get these days can be overwhelming. We all get them, and most of the time they go unread. Patient Prospectors follows every email marketing Email marketing is a valuable part of your dental marketing planbest practice, so it’s important to remember that any patients on your list will be willing subscribers. They want the information you have to give, and we’ll make sure that information keeps them coming back for more!

Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Dental Practice

  • Gives you complete control over messaging
  • Very cost effective – Low Cost / High
  • Return on Investment
  • Keep patients up to date on new products, techniques and promotions
  • Targeted email campaigns means you can get very specific in your messaging
  • Create long lasting patient relations.
  • Educating your patient on industry trends and news
  • Increase the traffic going to your website
  • Increased traffic means more patients for your practice
  • Staying top of mind as the expert in your field

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