Great Dentist Websites Attract Patients

Since 2015, we collectively generated more than 4.1 million visitors to our customers websites, which means we have Google analytics data of those people who are looking for a local dentist. Our websites are designed based on data, which makes it easier for patients to select you as their provider.

We see where people click. DM knows exactly where people are clicking on your site. With this information, we then improve your website each month to convert more patients.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Statistics show that nearly 58 percent of those visiting a website are on a mobile device. If your website isn’t prepared, then you’re missing a major audience.

In the past, you could have one website for desktops and another website for mobile phones. That technique is outdated. Today, there are hundreds of screen sizes, and your website must be able to respond to each and every size.

What makes our dental sites different?

We maintain a results-based guarantee for our clients. Therefore, we’re continuously improving our website designs so that they generate the most patients possible. For example, when a new iPad screen size is released, our developers make sure your site is optimized to look great on it.

US-based coders

We are based in the United States, ruled by US laws, operate in a US time zone, and speak fluent English. Our resources are full-time employees based in South Florida. Our staff also takes HIPAA certification courses twice per year.

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