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What makes DM better
than other dental marketing firms?


Personalized Service

What works for doc-in-a-box won’t work for you. We’ll get you solutions that fit your style and goals.


No Long Term Contracts

We don’t have long term contracts. We want you to be happy, so we’ll stay in touch often.


One Dentist Per Market

We don’t compete against myself. We won’t
work with anyone in your geographic location.



You’ll never be in the dark about what we’re doing to help you gain new patients.

Hear What Our Dentists are Saying

I bought the office about 6 months ago and I’ve been working with Grace and Megan ever since. And working with them on our Facebook, SEO campaign and website, they have helped us attract 30 new patients a month in that short period of time. I highly recommend using them. They are wonderful in what they do.

Dr. John O'Shea, DDS

Frequently Asked Questions

We feel that the best way to do business is through open and honest communication – and without that, you really have nothing. We try to keep track of the questions we most often receive during the new client on-boarding process, and publish them here along with our answers to help potential new clients understand our company and processes a little better.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We only work with independent dental practices across the United States. We feel that by specializing in the dental industry, we are better informed and have a heightened understanding of what our clients are looking for. We only work with two practices per market – otherwise, we believe that it would be a conflict of interest.

How much do you charge?

Our credo is that we will only undertake an engagement if we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction, that the value we create for you is greater than the price we charge.

There are companies that charge less than we do. There are companies that charge more than we do, and return fewer results. If, you’re basing your decision upon price alone, we’re probably not a good fit.

Our pricing is based upon what it will take to get you the results you want. We have three different tiers of pricing that are typically by how large or small of a market you are in, and how extreme your competition is in that market.

How long does it take to see results?

One advantage of using our system is that we blend strategies: that both are a longer-play methods combined with shorter-term implementations can yield almost instant results. For instance, the SEO (search engine optimization) process can take up to 6 months, but the paid ads we buy for our clients on Google can be up and running within a couple of days – and will start driving new patients very quickly.

What services do you provide?

We try to help our dental practices learn that they don’t actually sell goods and services – they sell solutions to problems. We are the same way in that regard, so we have created a fully-managed “done for you” marketing system that includes proven online marketing strategies.

How will you track my results?

This is a huge part of what makes us unique. We are fully transparent in terms of what is happening with your campaign. Not only do you have a personal client success manager, but you also have access to world-class campaign reporting. Our monthly reporting will show you:


  • How many calls you received as a result of the campaign – and where they came from
  • How many visits to your website took place – and from where
  • How many leads came to your practice from website forms
  • How many people are coming to your site from a mobile device versus a traditional computer
  • The progress of your website rankings on search engines like Google
  • The number of new online reviews – and immediate alerts of new reviews

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